"The leadership and guidance you have provided our program and staff has been the backbone for our success."

Matt Kinne,
North Ridge Care Center

"After using your tips, we tripled our sales conversions."


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    Company History


    2012 - Company Name Change

    In 2011, the company name changed for a final time from Horsager Leadership, LLC to Horsager Leadership, Inc. The mission is “to develop trusted leaders and organizations” and the vision is “to reach 100 million people with our message in the next 10 years.” We continue to serve partners through David’s dynamic keynote speeches, but today that is only the beginning. Through a host of programs, assessments, resources, coaching and facilitation we help individuals and organizations enjoy faster results, deeper relationships, more committed teams, and a stronger bottom line by gaining The Trust Edge.

    2011 - Trust Edge 360 Assessment

    Horsager Leadership LLC launched the Trust Edge 360 Assessment and our new coaching and training programs. We also earned the Next Level Award from the National Speakers Association.

    2011 - Book Launch Party

    The Trust Edge book launch party. The book was picked up by Summerside Press and was released broadly in January of 2011.

    2008 - The Trust Edge Book

    Working with Editor Heidi Sheard and Designer Heidi Koopman on The Trust Edge book. David and his kids got to see the first book off the press.

    2008 - Professor David Horsager

    David began teaching Ethics and Leadership at the Masters Program of Bethel University. He also became an Ethics Commissioner for the city of Roseville, MN that same year.

    2007 - Received the CSP Designation

    Through the demonstration of competence in the areas of professional platform skills, business management, education, and association involvement, David earned the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation. Less than 10% of the speakers who belong to the International Federation for Professional Speakers hold this professional designation.

    2007 - Masters Graduation

    Finishing his graduate research on Trust ultimately led David to his flagship keynote speech, training program, 360 assessment and book called The Trust Edge. For his graduation, his kids even made him honor cords for being top in his class.

    2003 - New Name and Company Refocus

    The company name was changed to Horsager Leadership Studio(HLS) to reflect the focus of the organization toward helping individuals and organizations inspire strategic leadership. Through HLS the focus on deeper change and helping organizations grow became even more evident. David still gave motivational keynotes for companies like Wells Fargo, Ameriprise and Medtronic, but more time was spent helping organizations create events that led to lasting change.

    2001 - Performing in Japan

    Performing 54 events in 27 days gave David and Lisa a great opportunity to tour Japan. Here they are picture with the production crew.

    2000 - Special Delivery Productions

    In this attention-span-deprived culture, David knew that to communicate any important message in a meaningful way the audience needed to be engaged. Special Delivery Productions used entertainment, illusions, story, and powerful truth to encourage and challenge audiences on four continents and across the USA. From half-time productions at professional basketball games to teaching on leadership at the US Coast Guard Academy to shows in Branson, MO, to events in Japan, Spain, and Latvia the mission of SDP was to share life-changing truth in a unique and impacting way.

    1999 - Relocation and New Company

    After moving back to their home state of Minnesota, David Horsager and his wife Lisa started Special Delivery Productions, LLC (SDP). They lived in a musty basement apartment and threw everything they had into this shared vision. While working in Arkansas, David had been mentored by some of the top magical illusion teachers in the US in Branson, MO and had already been asked to speak at many events.

    1995 - Director of K-Life Inc.

    David moved to Harrison, Arkansas for four years where he helped grow K-Life Inc.

    1993 - Horsager Leadership Advisory Board

    Early picture of the company’s advisory board. David with the four guys who have been an active part of the company for nearly 20 years now. (Joe, David, Jason, Scott).

    1990 - MN Communication Arts Award

    Winning the Minnesota Communication Arts Award sent David on a trip to Israel. This helped kick-start his desire to speak and share messages of hope, truth, and change.

    1985 - Life on the Farm

    While growing up on the farm, David learned a lot about life and business.

    1979 - It Begins with David's first speech

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