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    Free Resources

    Download the following Bonuses by clicking the PDF thumbnails.


    Harvey Mackay

    Network Builder

    This brief book is packed full of the Master Networker's top tips for building your network bigger and bigger.


    Zig Ziglar

    The Little Book of Big Quotes

    The Little Book of Big Quotes



    Biscuits, Fleas, & Pump Handles Audio Download

    60 minutes packed with answers to tough questions.



    Objections Overruled Audio Download PLUS Workbook

    Learn how to respond to objections and overrule them to close the sale.



    Nido Qubein

    12 Tactics for Greater Marketing Power (E-book)

    This concise e-book zeroes in on 12 powerful tactics you can use to boost your power to persuade plenty of people to purchase your professional expertise at a profit. It contains practiced and proven ideas that will help you become more effective at marketing your professional expertise.

    10 Techniques To Market Your Practice & Products (E-book)

    This e-book shows you how to create a client-centered business supported by related products that help to boost your bottom line. Drafting an integrated strategy for marketing is an essential step in growing your business. This convenient download shows you how to do just that.

    6 Ways To Manage For Maximum Profits (E-book)

    Building equity in your business is a primary target for creating successful entrepreneurial ventures. This e-book is packed with proven strategies that show how to keep more of what you take in year after year and grow your business to new heights.


    Thomas Winninger

    Break Through

    Read the first chapter in “Break Through.” In this book, you will learn the 14 Attributes for getting beyond your barriers.



    Roxanne Emmerich

    Download "Top 10 Workplace Dysfunctions" 

    Roxanne Emmerich, bestselling author and workplace expert.



    Mark Sanborn

    Download "Teambuilt: Making Teamwork Work" 

    Although the book is based on solid concepts, it is light on theory and heavy on real-world application. By reading it, you'll learn more than what you need to know to create teamwork--you'll learn how to do it.


    Chip Eichelberger

    Think: Applying the Success Principles of 1918 Today (E-book)

    This book is filled with timeless wisdom. As you read, you will find it is true- the more things change, the more they stay the same! With Trust Edge Purchase.


    Sam Richter

    Download "Know More Selling"

    Sam is a world-renowned internet researcher and author of Take The Cold Out Of Cold Calling: Know More Than You Ever Thought You Could (or Should) About Your Prospects, Clients and Competition. If you want to multiply your sales success by learning how to research the right way, this is a great resource.

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