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    Keynote Description

    “8 Keys to Create, Build, and Enjoy Lasting Momentum.”

    Who do people trust more: you, or the competition? The answer to that question – how much confidence people have in you and your organization – says everything about your future.
    Trust is a fundamental, bottom line issue. Without it, leaders lose teams, salespeople lose sales, and organizations lose reputation, relationships, and revenue. But with trust, business moves faster, margins get bigger, and careers take off.

    Through academic research and firsthand experience, Dave Horsager has learned what it takes to gain – and keep – The Trust Edge. Through a captivating presentation, Dave combines humor and illustrations with business insight and analysis. He will show you how the little things, done consistently, add up to huge results. Attendees will walk away with concrete steps they can immediately use to improve their lives and careers.


    • The 8 pillars that build trust quickly with coworkers and clients
    • The 3 ways to build connections – quickly
    • Keys to build morale, sales, and customer loyalty
    • How to never have a day where you say, “I didn’t get anything done”
    • The greatest need for a motivated staff, and how to fill it
    • How to create a 90 Day Quick Plan.
    • The “why” and “how” behind the most foundational key to real success
    • To boost daily productivity by using DMA’s (Difference Making Actions)

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