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North Ridge Care Center

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    In-person meetings are the best way to create buy-in.  

    Meeting planners should not think in terms of filling a spot, but rather in terms of what would serve the audience and the overall mission.  They should think in terms of what would most help create buy-in—whether it is for this year’s sales goals, the vision, a major company change, or buy-in to the leadership’s strategy or ideas.

    Great Keynotes

    • Set the tone
    • Are fun and engaging
    • Offer usable take-a-ways
    • Spur excitement and conversation
    • Increase morale
    • Motivate and unify a group
    • Leave people with a memorable experience

    Opening Keynotes

    If the meeting isn’t started right, people can think of every negative thing.  If you start it right, they often overlook other imperfections during the meeting.

    Closing Keynotes

    Closings should bring it all together and leave people excited and inspired to go do things differently and better.  They should offer ideas and inspiration that leave people feeling glad they came.  They should give actionable take-a-ways and leave people feeling grateful they stayed until the end.


    There is overwhelming evidence that coaching, both alone and integrated with training, improves employee development, and allows the company to experience a quantifiable return.  At Horsager Leadership Inc., we are focused on helping clients realize a ROI for their development efforts.

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